High quality Mortise Lock with functions for FRONT DOOR in different size ( 5572/6072/6085 and also other size)

High quality Mortise Lock with functions for variety of demands

Key Features

TOP-SIN provides EU standard front door lock set with multiple models designed to meet different functions on hollow metal and wood doors for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings where high security are required.

Entrance Lock

  • Latch bolt retracted by lever from either side unless outside lever is locked by key from outside
  • Dead bolt operated by key outside or inside thumbturn.
  • When dead bolt thrown by inside thumbturns outside lever become inoperative, turning inside lever can retract both dead bolt and latch bolt simultaneously. With emergency  escape function.
  • Auxiliary latch deadlocks  latch  bolt when door is closed, which has the anti-tear cylinder function.










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