Buy Door Locks: Explore The Various Options for Choosing a Perfect Door lock



Door hardware is the major part of house installation that ensures house protection. There are different types of locks with the use of various kinds of hardware, such as door hinges and latches. Different door locks implement different locking mechanisms. The cost of the locksets varies depending upon its quality and the mechanism. In this article, you will know about some of the different types of door locks available in the market as the top door hardware.

Different types of door locks

  1. Entry Lockset

It is one of the most common types of door locks that come with two doorknobs that have the ability to get locked and unlocked from both sides. Here the door hinges are placed on either right side or left side of the door to decide the direction of movement for the door.

On the outside knob, you need to enter the key for unlocking the door, and from the inside, you need to press the button for locking or unlocking the door. Some of these models can be locked or unlocked from either side using keys only. It is termed to be grade 2 or medium security lockset, and it uses a dead latch that makes it an efficient option for use.

2. Mortise Lock

It looks like a small box that fits into the section of the door from the edge. It consists of two plates on which the keyholes and knobs are fitted. It is also available in both right and left-hand styles. It uses a cylinder type lock mechanism, with a pin-tumbler. The door latch used in this lock operates simultaneously when you lock the outside knob. The latch bolt and the deadbolt operate using the key. It is widely preferred for the entrance doors or the residential doors.

3. Deadbolt Lock

It is one of the most secure door locks that offer maximum protection from unwanted theft attempts. The name mentions “dead” because there is no mechanism of springs for movement of the bolt. It can only be operated manually from a thumb-turn inside and the keys outside. Here, the bolt locks the door on to the frame.

These locks are designed to fit the specific backsets and holes on the doors. Single cylinder deadbolt lock uses a thumb-turn on the inside, and key unlocks on outside. A double cylinder deadbolt uses the key for the lock and unlocks on either side of the door. People usually prefer a single cylinder to come out of the house in case of an emergency without searching for the keys.

4. Passage Lockset

Passage lockset is an interior lockset used for the doors that do not require privacy lockings, such as the kitchen or family rooms. The knobs or levers used here are without the door locks, and the handle type, whether right or left, is based on the placement of door hinges. The passage locksets are available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit the interior of the house.

5. Privacy Lockset

It is also an interior lockset but for the areas where privacy is essential such as bedrooms or bathrooms. It is not meant for security and cannot be used on the main doors. It has a locking button from the inside and has no vital section to unlock the door from outside. You can choose between the door lever and knob for use.

In case of any emergency, there is a separate mechanism for unlocking these doors from outside that you will be instructed with during the installation process. The privacy locksets are also available in different styles and finishes that make it one of the best types of door locks.

6. Handleset

Door handleset is usually the entry set that collaborates its mechanism with the deadbolt. You can go for a one-piece or two-piece handleset unit. They are available in different styles and finishes to complement the look of the door frame. The handleset is available in both single and double cylinder deadbolt locks.

7. Smart Locks

Make use of smart locks for enhanced security at the main door. Use fingerprint access or audio detection access for the smart doors with the implementation of IoT. Operate your smart lock using the smartphone application. It is one of the safest inventions in the arena of intelligent locks.

Now, you have a clear idea about different types of door locks. If you are planning on renovating your house or replace your hardware, then make your plans accordingly. Before investing the right amount of money, you must look for the proper application and use the door hardware. Decide on the implementation first and then buy different types of door locks for different door types and purposes. Take the help of professionals to get an idea about what will suit the best for your doors.


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